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Nurture Room

What is a nurture room?

The Nurture Room is a bridge between home and school; a safe place where children can be children. In these small, special areas learning opportunities are provided to address any missed early nurture experiences children may have; according to their assessed individual profile of needs.

Nurture rooms are warm and welcoming places, with time to play within a highly structured and planned learning environment. The room is divided up into different areas to facilitate varying activities including sitting down to eat, talking about how you feel and learning to play; all of which are core to the whole approach.


Goals of a nurture room

Our dedicated team of staff working with the nurture room target a number of areas including improved:

  • Relationships and interactions
  • Communications and skills
  • Emotional literacy
  • Self regulation
  • Self esteem


Evidence base and outcome

A number of studies (according to NurtureUK) have shown that children attending a nurture room for a period of six months have shown improvements in their attendance, attainment and self-confidence. These improvements were found to occur regardless of gender, age, or whether there had been social services involvement.