MarathonKids Ireland

September 13, 2023

By Emma

Marathon Kids Ireland

Our older classes have signed up to take part in the Marthonkids programme for 2023/2024. Find out more on their website


Supported by Abbott along with KBC Dublin Marathon, Fingal County Council, Dublin City Council and South Dublin County Council have organised this 8 week programme targeting 5th & 6th Class students in schools across Dublin.


Students will learn about the health benefits of sport and perform four running sessions each week inching them closer to completing their first marathon as well as learning about the benefits of physical activity.

Week 1 – Heart Health

Learning how to keep your heart healthy

Week 2 – Physical Benefits

Learning the physical benefits of exercising

Week 3 – Mental Benefits

Learning the mental benefits of exercising


Week 4 – Social Benefits

Learning the social benefits of exercising


Week 5 – Community Benefits

Learning the community benefits of exercising

Week 6 – Role of Hydration

Learning the important role of hydration

Week 7 – Role of Nutrition

Learning the important role of nutrition

Week 8 – Educational Benefits

Learning the educational benefits of exercising

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Back to school!!!  We have been back now for two weeks and everyone seems to be settling in well for our 2023/2024 school year.   We have some new students and staff and we welcome them to Casa Caterina.  We wish everyone a Great School Year!!